134 Phone-fraud Suspects Nabbed In Nationwide Raids 22 Telemarketers Seized In S. Florida - Sun Sentinel media="all">

FBI agents on Thursday arrested 134 telemarketers around the country, 22 of them in South Florida, in a massive crackdown on telephone sales fraud.

FBI Director William Sessions said in Washington that the investigation, dubbed Operation Disconnect, began in Salt Lake City two years ago. FBI agents posed as sellers of rapid-dialing equipment, a ruse that led them to meet the owners of more than 100 fraudulent telemarketing concerns across the country, Sessions said.

In all, 800 FBI agents participated in the nationwide sweep. FBI offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Albany, Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami participated in the raids.